Air Spells

So when would you want to cast air spells? The elemental realm of air rules over things of the mind, such as memory, intelligence, creativity and new ideas.

free air spells
Air spells for intuition, thoughts, creativity and inspiration!

Whenever you want to do magick for travel, inspiration, clear thoughts, education, wisdom, happiness or freedom, you should make sure you add some aspects of air to your spells. The following items are great for air spells:

  • Altar items like bells, feathers, incense and ornamental fans
  • Stones like clear quartz, amethyst, and fluorite
  • Herbs and oils of lavender, mint, pine and meadowsweet
Bring Travel Spell

Want to get out there and see the world? This is an easy spell to help bring more travel opportunities into your life. It’s a great example of an air spell. You will need:

  • A small hand fan
  • Dish of fresh mint
  • A small light feather

The fan should be the kind you wave, not a battery-operated gizmo. And the feather should be small and light, not a big turkey feather. I hope that’s all nice and clear now. Lean over the dish of mint, and breathe in the smell. Visualize yourself in different places, seeing different landscapes.

Toss the little feather in the air, and use the fan to blow it around the room. Try to keep it airborne as you see the winds of chance also moving you to new places in the near future.

Let the feather land in the mint, then take a few more breaths of the minty aroma. Each morning take a deep breath of it again, and picture yourself seeing new sights.

Invoke Your Muse

Get your creativity flowing with a little magick. Your supplies for this spell are:

  • Dried lavender flowers
  • Lavender oil
  • Something to symbolize your art or craft

By “art or craft”, I mean whatever medium you work in that you need creativity. Painting, writing, sculpture or even your regular day job. You need some kind of object that represents where you want your creativity to shine through.

Set the item on your altar, and rub a little lavender oil on it. Sprinkle a handful of lavender blossoms over it while you repeat the following words aloud:

Muse of art
Muse of sound
Muse of thought
Gather ’round
I ask for power
For shining light
In this rite

Leave the item on your altar until you’ve found that new burst of creative energy.

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