Bad Luck Spells

Bad luck spells are really just another variety of curse spells, and are used to put a stumbling block in someone else’s life. It won’t be serious misfortune, but just some run-of-the-mill bad luck.

A Rocky Road

This is an easy bad luck spell that you can use to target anyone in your life, even if you don’t have any details about them.

  • A rough rock, about the size of your fist
  • Black paint
  • Slip of paper
  • Length of black yarn or ribbon
  • A whole dry bay leaf

Paint the rock black, and let it completely dry before you continue with this spell.

Write your intended target’s name on the piece of paper. If you don’t know their name, describe them (“my noisy neighbor” or something like that). Fold the paper over once and tie it to the rock along with the bay leaf. The paper should be against the stone. Tie the string or whatever you’re using in a strong knot.

Set the stone in a dark place so that it’s sitting on the piece of paper. Give the spell 3 days to start to take effect, and your chosen person will start having quite a run of bad luck.

bad luck spells
Roll yourself a little bad luck spell
Snake Eyes

Unexpected bad luck will show up for someone after doing this spell. The results are usually just one or two larger incidents of bad luck, rather than an ongoing streak (like the spell above).

  • A pair of dice
  • Black pepper
  • Access to outside

Dig a hole several inches deep. Set the dice in the bottom, with the 1s facing upward. Cover them over with pepper and repeat the following:

Your luck has run out,

You’re in a hole.

Bad things will happen,

That’s my goal.

Concentrate on the person you are sending this spell to, and then fill the hole in with dirt. Stomp on it good and hard to tamp it down, then just leave it to make its magick.