Beginner Black Magic Spells

Beginner black magic spells are a fine place to start for anyone new to witchcraft who wants to experiment in various aspects of magick. Firstly, you really should get familiar with the differences between black and white magic spells first. Once you have a sense of what kind of energy you’re working with, here are some spells.

Beginner black magic spells to help with the novice dark witch
Darkness Dreaming

This is a beginner black magic spell that causes another person to have nightmares or otherwise trouble sleeping.

  • Large clear glass
  • Pure water (rainwater is best)
  • Black ink
  • Black candle

Fill the glass with water, and sit it before the lit candle. Look through the water and watch the flame for a moment. Then, while you’re watching the candle, drip 3 drops of black ink into the water. Watch intently as it floats down through the water and begins to dissipate.

Repeat the following chant:

Darkness falls and darkness flows

Wonder what a dreamer knows?

Fear and pain and things that scare,

Magick brings [person’s name] a nightmare.

Now drip one drop of ink on the tip of your left index finger. Repeat the words again. Touch the inked finger to the water, and repeat the spell chant one last time. Leave the water overnight, and you can wash the ink off your finger right away if you want.

(If you can’t get liquid ink, use black or dark purple food coloring or other dye. Just not paint.)

Just a Jinx

This beginner black magic spell is a variation of the bad luck spell, where you just want a little unfortunate luck to fall on someone. Nothing too serious, just a little jinx. It works particularly well if something specific is coming up for your victim (like a test, job interview or date).

  • Piece of white paper
  • Black marker
  • A dead leaf

Draw a big pentagram on the paper in marker. Focus on the person you are targeting, as well as any specific “thing” about them you want to jinx. Set the leaf above the top point, and say “I jinx your [whatever], [name]”. If you’re not really going after any specific, just say that you’re jinxing them by name.

Move the leaf to the next point (going clockwise), say the statement again and draw over the pentagram with the marker. Do this for all 5 points, so your leaf ends up back at the top point again. Say it again, then fold up the paper along with the dead leaf in the middle. That’s it, now they’re jinxed.

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