Best Days for Casting Spells

days of the week for casting spells
Some days of the week are better than other for casting spells

Knowing the best days for casting spells is not as common as planning around the moon phases, but it can make a difference. Each day is traditionally associated with a planet, and it has its own influence on the magick you perform that day. If possible plan your casting of spells for the right day for some added energy boost.

Monday (the Moon) – family, kids, spirituality, psychic skills, dreams, female energy, fertility

Tuesday (Mars) – energy, action, independence, conquering obstacles, dealing with conflict

Wednesday (Mercury) – creativity, communication, knowledge, jobs, career, education

Thursday (Jupiter) – wealth, finances, business, legal matters

Friday (Venus) – love, romance, relationships, family, marriage, social status, sexuality

Saturday (Saturn) – protection, discipline, overcoming habits, banishing, binding, meditation

Sunday (the Sun) – general success, abundance, strength, accomplishment, happiness, health

The best days for casting spells is just a rough guideline. If it’s not convenient to cast your spell on the exact day, don’t fret about it. It’s only one small piece of the overall ritual and isn’t going to ruin the entire spell if you do it on the “wrong” day. But if you are able to schedule your spells to your liking, this is a good place to start.

For a larger collection of these kinds of spell correspondences, check out our spell ebook. There are even more suggestions for the best days to cast spells, along with just about anything else you might need to know.

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