Black and White Magic Spells

When it comes to black and white magic spells, the arguments can be endless. The standard idea is that black magic is bad and white magic is good. Well, that’s the most unrealistic thing I think I have ever heard. Nothing in this world can be so easily divided up, especially in the world of magic.

It all comes down to your definitions of good and bad. Causing immediate harm to someone could be considered bad, or black magic. But what if it were in retaliation for something wrong they had already committed against you?

black and white magic spells
Understanding the difference between black and white magic spells

Ok, here is an example. You need a job, and have gone for an interview. To help your chances, you cast a spell afterward to help you be the one that is chosen. Your spell is a success, and you are now happily employed. Would you consider that to be a black or white magic spell?

Most folks would say white because its not intended to harm anyone or interfere with someone’s free will. But what if the reality of the situation was that another person was going to be picked, until you shifted the great hand of Fate with your spell? I think it would be honest to say that you have caused at least a small amount of harm to someone, especially if they were desperate for that job. Something to keep in mind.

All magick creates an influence to some degree or another, and it does often include influence of another person. Few people would argue that truly forcing a person to do something with magic is wrong, but at what point does subtle influence start to be too much?

The whole debate over black and white magic spells is pretty much endless, since it really is all about trying to define what is good versus what is evil. There is no answer to that question, and you’ll just end up going in circles if you try.

Overall, my point is that trying to divide witchcraft into two neat little piles is meaningless. The distinctions between black and white are vague, and aren’t always easy to find. Use your own ethics and conscience when practicing witchcraft, and don’t worry about the color label on your spell.