Black Spells, Hexes and Curses

No matter what you call them: black magic spells, hexes or curses, they are something you should be careful with.

Hexes Cast Against You

I’ll leave the real lecturing until the next section and just mention a few things about black spells or hexes that have been cast against you.

First of all, real hexes are pretty rare. Runs of bad luck and coincidences are much more common. So if you get into a fight with someone at work, and then your hard drive crashes the next day, don’t just assume that they have gone and cursed you. Now, I can’t really tell you how you can know when a hex has been places on you, but you need to honestly look at the situation and realistically decide if the bad luck is excessive or unlikely.

If you start casting binding spells or reversing spells when no magick has actually been cast against you, there may be unexpected consequences. You might make an otherwise harmless situation worse.

Casting Hexes Yourself

Now, I don’t really have a firm belief in the whole split between black and white magic. I think all spells are some shades of grey, but deliberately trying to cause someone harm is generally an ethical no-no.

And so I don’t really include any hexes or curses here on this site because I don’t want to encourage their use. There are usually other options, even magickal ones, to just about any situation.

You don’t have to curse someone just to keep them away from you. You can just cast a banishing spell to get them out of your life. Or you could cast a spell to bring justice to someone who has done you wrong, or even do a spell on yourself to help you move past the situation and let go of your anger.

Regardless of the details, hexes should never be part of your regular witchcraft practice and should never be your first choice of action.

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