Candle Wicca

To be clear, candle Wicca isn’t really a specific or authentic form of Wicca. It’s a term some people use to highlight the use of candles in their Wiccan practice. So many people love candle spells that it becomes their sole way of doing witchcraft. Personally, I like to mix up my spells a bit, but that’s just me. If you prefer to follow a “candle Wicca” type of path, then that suits you just fine.

Candle Wicca is more than just a pretty flame

The element of fire plays a big role in candle Wicca, so you should make sure you understand what features it holds. Though candles are often used in wide range of situations, the use of fire for some purposes may not be your best option. Sleep and dreams, for example, are a strictly water area.

Next, you’ll want to learn about more about choosing spell candles for your ritual work. I have another page all about that so I won’t repeat myself. Go read to find out more about colors and sizes for spell candles.

Candle Blessing Oil

When you do have a collection of spell candles on hand, you can use this all-purpose blessing oil to consecrate them to your use. It won’t interfere with any particular intention, and you can do this anytime when you have new candles. Once blessed, they are ready for whatever candle Wicca spells you want to cast.

  • Sandalwood oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Frankincense oil

Add equal amounts of each oil together and mix. You can do this with each candle if you want, or use a few tablespoons of each to make up a larger batch. Make this oil up during a full moon if you can, and then use it whenever you have new candles.

Use a drop or two of blended oil on your fingertips, and rub it over the candle. Visualize that you are wiping off the residual energy of the candle, and replacing it with a nice coating of bright white light. Store your candles somewhere safe until it’s time to use them.

If you are using jar candles, you can still bless them this way. Just anoint the outside of the glass with oil instead.

So if you are looking for new spells, you can visit the main candle spells page, or just do a search for “candles”. There are several around the that can be added to your candle Wicca practice, and I’m sure some of them will come in handy soon.