Cauldron Spells

Cauldron spells seemed the next logical place to go when working on spells that focus on traditional altar tools. I already did wand spells, and you already know loads of candle spells I’m sure. So now we move to the cauldron.

free cauldron spells and witchcraft
Cauldron spells are examples of very classic witchcraft and magick

Some of the spells on the site are cauldron spells already. The Shimmering Silver Spell and the Love Pouch charm are a couple of popular examples. Other spells that use fire-proof dishes could also work well with a cauldron.

Your cauldron: you need a pot made from fire-proof material. The typical cauldron is cast-iron but a nice ceramic, metal or even glass bowl would suffice if it appealed to you. Depending on the tradition, cauldrons spells usually involve either the water or fire elements.

Waters Deep

You can’t really talk about cauldron spells without looking at water scrying. All you need is:

  • Your cauldron
  • Pinch of dried mugwort
  • A silver ring or coin
  • Pure water

Fill up your cauldron, adding the piece of silver and a bit of mugwort. Let it sit for 1 hour and then try your scrying. Do not touch the cauldron and keep movements around it to a minimum. The water has to be as still as possible. Remove bright lights, and use a candle to reduce the glare.

Look into the surface of the water and concentrate on a question or situation you need help with. Let your eyes get a little unfocused and watch for images or symbols to appear in the water. It should help you find some guidance.

It can take some practice to get good at water scrying but it’s a wonderfully magickal way to use a cauldron.

Cast the Fires

This is a way to utilize the fire element with your cauldron spells. It’s a general purpose blessing to bring some new energy into your home and your life.

  • Your cauldron
  • A few shredded bits of white paper
  • A dried sprig of rosemary
  • A small bit of dried fruit
  • 1 drop of sandalwood oil
  • A match to light it (not a lighter!)

Combine everything in your cauldron (it is fire-proof, right?), adding the drop of oil last. Repeat the words,

By this cauldron, I do cast
Rising flames that will last
Power bring and power rise
Make magick in my eyes.

Light the paper and repeat the words again while it burns. Have an open window handy nearby as it will definitely give off some smoke. If you’re worried about smoke inside, you can do this outdoors as long as you’re still close to home.

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