Confidence Spells

Confidence spells can be a real help in many different situations. Whenever you need some personal energy to be more sure of yourself, these can help. Sometimes that might be in the search for love, but it can also help during a job interview.

I do have a few other confidence spells already around the site, such as:

  • Confidence Candle
  • Cool Confidence
  • Stand Tall Doll

You can check those out (use the search if these aren’t linked yet), but I am including another new one below.

A few handy confidence spells, to boost your personal strength with witchcraft

Cup of Confidence

I admit, I live for creating silly spell names. What can I say? Anyway, this is a water-based spell to draw more confidence and strength into yourself during a spell. You need these supplies:

  • A large piece of bloodstone
  • A silver or glass goblet (no plastic)
  • A few slices of fresh ginger
  • A few fennel seeds
  • A symbol of strength

The symbol you can use depends on your personal beliefs. A pentacle drawn on paper would work, or a Norse rune (such as Uruz) might be better. The Strength card from a Tarot deck is another choice. Take your pick.

Once you’ve decided on your symbol, prepare the rest of your spell.

Drop a piece of bloodstone in a glass, along with freshly sliced ginger root and fennel seeds. Fill the glass with clean water. Set this in a sunny window sill for about an hour, to absorb the warm strength of the sun. Then set your glass over your chosen symbol for another hour.

After all that, the water will have absorbed all the energy from the items and is ready for you. Repeat the following, then take a drink:

I am strong, I am power, I am confidence

Do your best not to swallow the ginger bits or the bloodstone. Only a few sips is necessary, but more would be better. Feel the warm taste of ginger go down your throat and start a fire inside of you. Not literally, of course.

Hold on to that energy next time you are out and needed extra confidence.

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