Cooking Spells

Ok, I thought some cooking spells might appeal to the kitchen witch who wants to add a little magick into their food. Needless to say, these cooking spells are best done in the kitchen but you can always perform them at your existing altar area if you prefer.

cooking spells in witchcraft
Cooking spells can help you make a little extra magick in the kitchen for your next meal
Bless Your Space

I know there are lots of general blessing spells you can use to bring some magick to your kitchen, but this one is designed specifically for the kitchen to help perk up your cooking.

  • 2 brown candles
  • A few of your usual utensils
  • 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary
  • Something powdery that represents your style of cooking (flour, spices, etc)
  • Wooden bowl
  • Wooden spoon
  • Some thread

Brown candles can be hard to find, so use white if you have to.

Set your candles up at either end of the counter, or wherever you do most of your cooking. Place one of the sprigs of rosemary in front of each candle. In the middle, set the bowl upside down. Light both candles.

Tap the bowl 4 times and then dash a sprinkle of your powder on the bowl. Repeat the words of the spell:

Bless this kitchen when I cook

Show me magick where I look

Let nothing burn, let nothing fall

Let my food impress them all.

Tap the bowl again, and sprinkle several dashes of whatever you are using along the counter, from one candle to the other. Tap again and repeat the words one more time. Add a little of your “blessing powder” to each of the rosemary sprigs at this point. Turn the bowl back upright and dash a little mor powder inside. Take both of the rosemary sprigs and tie them together. Hold them over the flames (don’t let them catch on fire!) of each candle to further bless them.

Now hang the rosemary from a cabinet door handle or somewhere else that is fairly prominent in the kitchen. Gently sweep or blow the powder off your counter, but don’t wash it with water for at least a couple of hours. It’s best to leave it if you can.

Food Focus

If you have trouble keeping track of all the details in a recipe, or the time it takes to manage all your meal steps, this is the cooking spell for you. It’s about keeping your thoughts focused on your cooking so you can handle the details and master the timing.

  • A kitchen timer
  • A coin
  • A piece of thread

Tie the thread around the coin, and tie with a knot so you can dangle the coin without it unraveling. Set the timer for one minute. Hang the coin in front of your face and focus all your attention on it. Say the following quickly, until the timer buzzes. Don’t look away from the coin (you can blink).

Mind on the task, all that I ask

When the timer goes off, close your eyes and jerk the thread to catch the coin in your hand. Wait for a moment, then get cooking.

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