Fairy Magick Spells

Using naturals stones is great for fairy magick spells

This page of fairy magick spells should appeal to anyone who is interested in otherworldly spirits, just don’t expect Tinker Bell to show up at your door. I have an earlier page of fairy spells that you can also try if you want a few more options, but this page has a good multi-purpose spell to ask fairies for some help with an important wish.

Ask a Fairy Wish Spell

I don’t recommend asking the fairy folk for favors or wishes all the time, but this is a nice alternative to the usual wish spell. Only use this fairy magick spell when you have a sincere need in your life, or the fairies won’t bother with you.

  • A handful of small natural stones

  • A flat green oak leaf

  • Rose petals (any color)

Do this spell outdoors on a sunny day. You’ll have to return later so choose a place you have easy access to.

First you have to ask for your wish. Go to a private outdoor place on a bright day, and make a circle of stones. Use regular stones, not crystals, and it should be at least 6 inches across. Write your wish on the oak leaf, and set it in the center of the circle and cover that with a few rose petals. Say the following out loud:

Fairy, fairy, hear my call,
I have a need and that is all,
I’ve made a circle, please come in,
Grant my wish, we’ll both win.

After the spell is spoken, explain what you need and that you’ll leave a gift if your wish is granted. Leave the area and hopefully one of the local fairies will take pity on you.

If your request is granted, you have to go back to the same place and leave them a gift (something sweet or pretty is a good idea). If your original circle of stones is still there, just add your offering to the middle. Otherwise, make a new circle and leave it in the center.

Do not skip the gift step. If you promise the fairies something and don’t follow through, you will regret it. Fairy magick spells can be tricky this way because you are dealing with other beings rather than just your own personal energies.

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