Finding Love Spells

This isn’t about ways to find spells, but spell for finding love. I hope I didn’t confuse anyone. Though many people do turn to witchcraft when it comes to trying to hold on to an existing love partner, the biggest demand for spells is to locate that perfect soul-mate love match. So, I’m adding to our already pretty big collection of love spells for rituals that specifically find new love for you.

Mind the Bones

The name might sound a little gruesome, but this is a pretty potent love spell. You need to cast this spell on a sunny day right after some rain. The improving weather is an important symbol of your improving love life. Once you’ve found the right day, you need to have:

  • Two chicken bones (like from a drumstick)
  • Length of thin red ribbon
  • Small handful of rose petals
  • Bowl of pure water

The bones you use should be clean and dry, not greasy from last night’s dinner. Make a X with them, wrapping the ribbon around the center to hold them together. Tie it tight to make the charm secure.

Add the rose petals to the water and give it a little stir. Repeat the words of the spell with your hands spread out over the bowl:

Mind the bones, feel the power

Finding love by the hour

Cast the spell, watch the weather

Like the bones, tied together

Drop the bone charm in the water. Repeat the words again. Watch the bones. If they sink, your new love is near and you’ll likely meet him or her within a month. If they float, it will take a little longer. Repeat the words a final time, and leave the bowl alone on your altar until all the water has naturally evaporated. After that, you can bury the bones and petals outside.

Pendulum of the Ring

This is more of a divination technique to find new love, rather than a spell to find new love. A big part of meeting someone knew is knowing how and when such a meeting can take place. So try a little divination. You need a length of white ribbon or string, and a ring. It just needs to symbolize a wedding ring but it doesn’t need to be truly valuable.

Tie the ring to the end of the ribbon, and let it dangle from your hand. You need to be very still for this, so you should probably rest your elbow on the table for a bit of stability.

Wait for the ring to be still, then ask the pendulum a couple of yes/no questions about your new love and watch the ring. If it starts to move, you can take that as a yes to your question. Use your questions to pinpoint where you will meet this love, not who it will be. After about 5 questions, thank the ring and put it away for at least 24 hours before asking anything else.

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