Free Lottery Spells

Since my early page of lottery spells is so popular, I’m adding a few more free lottery spells to help you boost your sweepstakes luck. As I’ve said before, these are really just specialized types of good luck spells, designed to target a lottery win specifically.

A free lottery spell may turn your fortune around
Ticket Blessing

We can start off with a simple blessing spell for an existing lottery ticket to hopefully help your chances of winning. You have to cast this lottery spell before the draw, in case that wasn’t obvious.

  • A valid lottery ticket
  • 1 piece each of garnet, tiger eye, bloodstone, malachite
  • White cloth
  • 4 white candles
  • Piece of white paper
  • Green marker

You need to have a physical ticket or stub for this to work. Having your name entered electronically in some kind of draw won’t suffice.

Set the ticket in the center of the cloth, with the 4 candles set nearby at each corner (don’t worry, we’re not lighting them). Place one stone on each corner of the ticket.

Draw a pentacle on the paper, and set that on top of the ticket so that the symbol is sitting directly over the ticket. Doesn’t matter if it covers the stones up. Place your finger in the center of the pentacle, pushing down on the ticket. Repeat the words of the spell:

By my magick, I bless this ticket

To the powers of fortune and chance.

Bring me a windfall, a bonus, a prize,

A win to help my finance.

Now just leave everything in place until the draw. Good luck.

Boost the Odds Bag

You may have noticed that I like charm bag spells, and use them all over the site. I thought one would work well to boost your lottery odds too. You’ll need to make up this spell bag at least 7 days before the drawing, but after you’ve purchased the ticket.

  • A small dark green fabric bag
  • A found stone
  • Silver coin
  • 3 cloves
  • A pinch of patchouli
  • A single dice (not plastic)
  • A short piece of green yarn
  • A longer piece of string

You can easily make your own simple bag with a little sewing thread and fabric. Doesn’t have to be fancy.

Tie 3 knots in the piece of yarn, and put it in the bag along with everything else. Use the longer piece of string to tie the neck of the bag closed with a tight knot. Hold it firmly in both hands and give the whole bag several shakes.

Set the bag on your ticket for 24 hours, and then carry it with you every day until the drawing. You can leave the ticket at home though, just the charm bag has to be with you.

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