Garden Spells

Spring is the time to think about garden spells, and adding a little witchcraft to your outside spaces. Cast a spell or two over your garden to help your plants thrive this year.

Witchcraft Garden Spells
Nothing wrong with a little witchcraft in the garden
Harness the 4 Elements

Since plants are so closely tied to the Earth, they respond very well to the four elements. In this spell, we’ll use crystals to bring the elemental energy into your garden.

  • 1 piece of garnet or tiger eye (fire)
  • 1 piece of amethyst or clear quartz (air)
  • 1 piece of jade or lapis lazuli (water)
  • 1 piece of jet or aventurine (earth)
  • A compass
  • 1 green or brown candle

Use the compass to find the cardinal directions, and bury the stones at these points:

  • fire to the south
  • air to the east
  • water to the west
  • earth to the north

With each burial, repeat “By the 4 powers, my garden flowers”. After the stones are in place, set the candle in the center of your garden area. Make sure there is nothing flammable around it, and light it. Say the words four more times, and visualize a healthy circle glowing around your garden. Let the candle burn for a few minutes and then put it out.

For the rest of the year, make sure to give proper care to your plants, and you should have a wonderful garden.

Herbal Blessings

This is a garden spell to use over any herbal plants you plan on using for magick after they’ve been harvested. Wait to do this blessing until they are grown past the seedling stage.

  • 1 piece of green string or yarn
  • 1 small seashell

On a Monday, plan to bless your plants. You can do this spell for as many plants as you wish.

In the ground near the roots, bury the seashell next to the plant. Repeat the following:

I bless this leaf,
I bless this flower,
I bless this root,
For my own power

Then loosely tie a short bit of green string to a sprig of the plant. Wait at least a week before you harvest the plant. Longer is better.

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