Happiness Spells

Happiness spells can help you to perk up your mood, but they can’t really replace true happiness. These spells can help you brighten up, lose some stress and generally improve your outlook.

Happiness spells can bring a little extra joy back into your life
Three Candle Joy Spell

Add a little joy to your life when you need it the most. All you need is:

  • 3 orange or yellow candles
  • Cedar oil
  • A few pinches of rosemary and marjoram

Rub oil on all three candles, and set them up on your altar. Light each one, then sprinkle each of the herbs on the table around the candles. Focus on the heat of the flames, and repeat out loud:

Happiness and joy, come into my life

Away with anger, stress and strife

I am happy, I am free

No more negativity

Hold your hands above the flames to feel their warmth. No need to scorch yourself. Be determined to see the positive side of things, and leave the candles to burn out.

Happiness Blooms

Bring positive fresh energy to your life with happiness spells and fresh flowers. You just need:

  • Jasmine or Lilac oil
  • One fresh flower, any kind
  • Paper and pencil
  • Yellow candle
  • A heat-proof container

Light the candle, and write 3 things on the piece of paper that are making you unhappy right now. Put the paper in the candle flame and let it burn. You can drop it into the bowl when it gets going.

Rub a little oil on the flower, and breathe in the smell. Visualize your problems disappearing with the ash of the paper, and replace that stress with the joy of the flower. Set the flower in the bowl over the ashes, and leave on your altar to remind you to be happy.

Winds of Change

This is more of a spell to release anger and stress, but isn’t that the first step to becoming more happy? Your supplies:

  • A windy day
  • A hill
  • Basil
  • Patchouli

Well, it’s not mandatory that you have a hill for this, but you do need an open area outside for happiness spells like this. It does need to be windy.

Take your herbs to your chosen spot, and face away from the wind (so it’s blowing on your back). Toss the herbs in the air and visualize your problems being blown away. Repeat the following:

May the winds take my pain

Make me happy once again

Then turn around and face the wind. Say:

May the winds bring joy to me

So that happy I will be

Stand in the wind for a few more moments, concentrating on the release of your problems and the acceptance of peace.

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