Health Spells

Health spells might be on your Christmas list this year to make sure you stay healthy through the upcoming winter season. Of course, you might be reading this page in July, what do I know? The point remains that having a little magickal boost for your health never hurts.

Healing Tea Recipe
health spells
A little tea for your health spells

Now, remember this is a tea that uses the magickal properties of herbs not necessarily their medical properties. Chugging this stuff by the quart isn’t going to make you better, the point is to take in the tea as part of the spell.

You’ll need a few pinches of each dried herb:

  • rosemary
  • mint
  • red clover
  • nettle
  • fresh ginger root (grated up)
  • Also, one smooth piece of hematite and a piece of lavender paper (the color, not the flower)

Use the dried herbs in a mesh ball to brew a cup of tea, then drop the hematite into the cup. Draw a pentacle on the paper, large enough to hold your cup and set your tea down on your drawing.

Hold your hands over the cup and repeat:

With this cup and herbal tea,
Wash the illness out of me.

Turn the paper and cup about a quarter turn clockwise, and repeat the words. Do so another 3 times until the cup is back where you started. Drink your tea, taking care not to swallow the hematite still in the cup. Leave the stone in the cup until you are done, and then set the empty cup back on your pentacle. Leave it there overnight, then make sure to wash the cup.

Healing Hands Candle Spell

This is a health spell designed to work when there is an injury or a specific location on your body that needs healing. You could always cast this with another person if it’s not for yourself.

  • 3 candles (1 white, 1 pink, 1 lavender)
  • Vanilla oil

Light all three candles, and then use a dab of vanilla oil to draw a circle with a dot in the center on both your palms. You don’t need a huge gob of oil, just enough to trace the image and give off its scent.

Hold your hands over the candles and feel their warmth. Let your hands hover over each candle, and say:

By this heat and light,
With strength and might,
I wish to heal my body.

Feel the energy in your hands, and then lay them on the part of your body that needs healing. Repeat the words again and hold your hands in place until you no longer feel the added heat from the candles in them.

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