Home Protection Spells

Home protection spells and free witchcraft spells
Old keys hold powerful magick for home protection spells

Home protection spells are ideal for creating a safe haven where you live. Most of our other protection spells pages are about keeping your person safe and protected, so here are a few new spells specifically for keeping your home free from negative influences.

Key to Protection

You don’t need to go killing any animals for the bone in this spell. A chicken bone from a drumstick would be just fine. You’ll also need:

  • A spare key to your house
  • Black yarn
  • An iron nail
  • A clean bone
  • Black marker
Algiz rune

Sit in the doorway to your home when putting this little charm together rather than your usual spellcrafting spot. Draw a small Algiz rune on the key. Hold the key, nail and bone together and start wrapping with yarn. With each wrap, repeat out loud “Iron and bone, protect my home

Wrap it very thickly so it looks more like a little ball of yarn than a bundle of items. Tie the end down securely. Bury the charm outside your back door. If you are in an apartment, you can still cast this home protection spell, just keep the charm in a pot of earth instead.

Spiritual Spray Smudge

This is a unique way to purify your home space, similar to smudging with incense but without the smoke.

  • About a pint of fresh, clean rain water
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Clove oil
  • A sprig of fresh dill
  • A sprig of white sage

Fill a spray bottle with water, and add 2 drops of each oil, and the herb pieces. Give it a shake, and you’re ready to spiritually cleanse your home. Go from room to room, and give a quick spritz to the center of the space in the air. You don’t need to spray anything directly. Every room needs to be done. In each space, say “I banish the negative, and welcome the positive“.