Hoodoo Love Spells

Hoodoo love spells are going to use more natural elements and Voodoo-themed supplies to help bring you some new romance.

St. John Love Root

This variation on a St. John rootwork spell will draw someone to you for some loving.

  • A large piece of St. John the Conquerer root
  • Black thread
  • Red thread
  • Strands of your hair
  • Strands of your subject’s hair
  • Ceramic dish filled with dirt
  • A red candle

Yes, it can be difficult to get some strands of another person’s hair, and yes you still have to do it.

Wrap the piece of root with the hair, and then wrap further with the red and black thread. Use enough thread to really secure the hair in place. Set the tied root charm in the bowl, and cover it over with dirt.

Light the red candle and hold it over the dish. Let several big drops of red wax drop onto the dirt over the root, then set the candle back up in a candle holder and let it continue burning.

After 1 week, your desired partner will start to show some serious interest in you.

Lighting Up Love

You’ll have to do a little shopping for this one, but the supplies should be easy enough to find through any online Pagan shop.

  • Red candles in the shape of a man and a woman
  • “Come to Me” oil
  • A large red dish or platter to hold both candles (not separate holders)

Human shaped candles aren’t too easy to find, but most occult or Pagan shops should carry them. You can also use 2 female or 2 male if that is what you need. If your local shop doesn’t carry Come to Me oil, use a mix of patchouli and vanilla oils with a pinch of saffron.

Use something sharp to write your name in the wax of one candle, and the subject of your spell in the other. If you aren’t after anyone particular, write “my beloved” instead.

Anoint both candles in the oil, and set them up in a large dish. They should be close enough to touch. Light the candle representing you first, and then the other one. Simply say “By the power of all the Saints, bring me my love” and leave the candles to burn out, and your Hoodoo love spell is complete.

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