House Blessing Spells

House blessing spells are on my mind at the moment since I have just moved into a new home and want to clear out the old occupants energy. I also need to unpack a lot of boxes, but magick isn’t going to help me with that.

House Blessing Spells for witchcraft
A little oil for your house blessing spells

I already have a classic house blessing spell using sage smudging on the other blessing spells page, so I won’t repeat that. Just visit that page to see how to smudge.

House Blessing Oil

This is more of a recipe than a spell, to make a house blessing oil. Once you make it, use a dab to anoint each window and door of the home.

  • 1 oz extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 drops sandalwood oil
  • 2 drops dark rum
  • 2 drop lavender oil
  • 3 dried rosemary leaves
  • A smidgen of minced fresh garlic (optional if the smell is too much)
  • A piece of real copper (copper wire would work)
  • A small glass bottle with a black lid

Combine everything in the little bottle, and give it a vigorous shake. Let it sit out under the light of the moon (any phase) for 3 nights. Then use something sharp to mark an X on the top of the lid. After that, you can rub a small drop on each opening to your house for a blessing. Door frames, windowsills and fireplace hearths all work fine.

Blessing Bells

Ring the bells to bring positive energy into your home, as well as drive out anything negative.

  • A white cloth
  • 3 silver bells
  • A sprig of fresh lavender (not dried)

Find a place that is as close to the center of your house as possible, ideally near the room you spend the most time in as a family, like the living room or kitchen. Make sure there is no one else in the house, and tie the cloth around your head as a blindfold.

Take the lavender in your hand and make a circle above your head. Say:

With the ringing of the bells,
Bring good fortune to this house.
With the ringing of the bells,
I bring a blessing today.

Ring one bell above your head, another bell to your left and then the third bell to your right. Sit in place until the last peal is finished and the house is quiet. Now your house blessing spell is complete.

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