How do I Hide Wicca from my Parents

Q. How do I hide Wicca from my parents?

Part of the Spells FAQ

This is a rough question. There is no right or wrong answer, so please remember that the following is only my opinion on the matter. This applies to both Wicca and witchcraft.

A. If you are a minor living at home, you should abide by the rules set down by your parents. You can complain all you want about personal freedoms, but you should respect your parents and their decisions. Stuffing books under your bed will only lead to further suspicion if/when they catch you. Being mature about it will show that you are serious, and not just trying to be rebellious.

Read books at the library, and leave them there. Have a few sacred items in your room, but don’t try to construct an altar just so you can hide it. The Gods have been around for a long time, and they will still be around when you get a little older and have a place of your own.

For parents who are concerned or worried about Wicca, you might want to find a copy of “When Someone You Love is Wiccan” and let them read it. It’s a great book to explain the basics to parents and friends.

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