How to Cast Spells

Knowing how to cast a spell is just as important as finding an appropriate spell in the first place. But once you have such a spell in front of you, what are you supposed to do?

how to cast spells
So do you know how to cast spells?

Well, it is a lot like cooking and you should be able to just follow the directions of the spell. Even so, I have some suggestions to help you have a little more success when casting a spell.

Know the Spell

You found a great new spell and you are ready to perform the ritual. Did you take the time to read through it carefully and learn the steps so you are not staring at a sheet of paper the whole time? You will find that the whole process goes smoother if you know what you are doing ahead of time. Having to read out the specific words is one thing but it will be very distracting if you are constantly having to look back to your notes.

Circle or No Circle

I have noticed that most spells posted online, including here, do not mention casting a circle. I am not going to delve too deeply into this in this article. A circle is a ring of magickal protection you create around you before each spell. How you do so is up to you and is really considered separate from the spell itself. If this is part of your personal traditional (Wiccan’s usually do so) then you should perform that circle ritual before the new spell.

Stay Focused

This is where knowing how to cast a spell comes into play. As you are working through the motions of the spell, your entire attention must be on what you are doing. What the tools and supplies represent and what you are trying to accomplish. Let the energy build up inside you as you work. Focus it and let it be released toward your goal when the spell is complete. This is the part that practice and experience will help because you won’t have any idea what any of this feels like until you can do it.

There is no set-in-stone techniques for casting spells and you will have to work with your magick for a while to determine your style and preferred way of working. You may do better with candle spells or spells with crystals and stones, so plan on doing some experimenting.

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