Incantation Spells

Incantation spells are just a fancy way of saying spells that are based on the spoken word rather than a series of ingredient and actions. They’re similar to previous pages I’ve done on magic chants and spell chants.

It’s about the words, and the energy of your own will power. An incantation spell isn’t usually as strong as one that has other components, but they are great for fast spellwork or any time when you just can’t lay out a big altar full of things to make magick.

incantation spells
Words have power in incantation spells
A Money Mantra

This spoken word, or incantation spell is to help bring you in some additional wealth. If you can, light a candle when you make the spell, but don’t worry if you can’t. Just close your eyes and focus on your intention to give it power.

Light over light,
Dark over dark,
I need more money,
to make the mark.

I need wealth
For myself,
It’s for need,
Not for greed.

By the stars above,
The sun and the moon.
I cast my magick,
From night until noon.

I need wealth
For myself.
It’s for need,
Not for greed.

Repeat the entire incantation a second time, but then repeat the verse “I need wealth….” throughout the day to continue the energy driving the spell.

Obstacles Be Gone

A multi-purpose spell that can be helpful in any aspect of your life when something is blocking your way. Whether it’s your love life, your job, or even your health, any obstacles can be removed with this incantation.

Over or under,
I must get past.
Over or under,
This will not last.

Surpass, overcome
Change, defy
Challenge, conquer
Win, succeed

Over or under
I must get past
Over or under,
This will not last.

Again, repeat the spell words during your initial casting of the spell, then repeat them to yourself through the day to build up the energy for the incantation.

Remember when you are doing incantation spells, you can’t just rattle off the words and expect miracles. Focus while you do it, and direct your energy towards your goal.

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