Inspiration Spells

Inspiration spells can help you get your creativity flowing and motivate you to get started on new projects. It’s the start of summer as I write this and I think it’s the perfect time to get a little witchcraft spell boost to launch something you’ve been dreaming of. Or to create a new love for something you’re already doing. Whatever. Use this time to find inspiration with a spell.

inspiration spells and witchcraft
Inspiration spells can help get your creativity and ambition moving!

The element of air is behind creativity, ideas and inspiration, so that is where we’ll begin.

The Universe Opens

This is an inspiration spell to open up the opportunities that the Universe can provide and to help you see so many new options in front of you.

  • Several feet of white or silver cord
  • 5 pieces of amethyst
  • 5 pieces of fluorine
  • 1 piece of clear quartz
  • A bell
  • Lavender incense

This is a spell for a Monday, to associate with the spiritual nature of the moon. Light the incense before you begin.

Lay out the cord in a circle, overlapping a few times if your cord is long enough. Inside, set the stones around the inside edge, alternating between amethyst and fluorine.

Sit with your hands open, palms up, and ask the Universe to open up and inspire you. Ring the bell one time. Place the last piece of quartz to your forehead and ask again. Set the stone in the center of the circle. Ring the bell.

Do hold your hands, palms down, over your crystal circle. Visualize the vibrations coming up from the stones and radiating up your arms. After several minutes, ring the bell a final time and put out the incense. Leave the stones in place and you’ll start to find new ideas and motivation within a few days.

Spark and Fuse

Sometimes you need a little additional energy to get inspiration going, and this simple spell uses some fire to make that happen. You’ll need to have:

  • Yellow candle
  • Two dry sprigs of mint

You should do this spell on a flame-proof surface. Light the candle, and repeat the words of the spell:

Spark and fuse,

Find my muse

Light the flame,

I cannot tame

Smoke and air,

Time to dare.

Take a piece of mint in either hand, and light them in the candle flame. Hold them out in front of you as they burn/smolder and repeat the words again. Feel free to drop the bits to avoid burning your fingers, as long as you have a safe place to do so. That’s it.

Whenever you’re feeling at a loss for energy, repeat the chant to yourself to remind you of your goals.

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