Issues with Teen Wicca

Teen Wicca isn’t really all that different from adult Wicca, so I don’t expect to have a huge range of material to cover here. It’s a religious path, no matter what your age is so the information isn’t really going to change just because you are younger.

But if you are a teen who is interested in Wicca (not just witchcraft alone, that is the topic for another page), then there are a few aspects to it that are unique to you. So here are some thoughts on getting into Wicca as a teen.

Your Parents

This is the big area of concern with teens who want to follow Wicca, trying to do so when parents are against it. Wicca is extremely misunderstood and many parents kind of freak out when their kids talk about wanting to be part of it. They consider it to be a one-way trip down to Satanism. Even parents who do somewhat understand it can be leery of their kids getting involved in any non-Christian belief system.

Getting into a tantrum about how unreasonable your folks are isn’t going to help your cause, and it makes it hard for them to take your dedication seriously if you react this way. Keep your cool and do your best to educate them on what Wicca is really about.

A good book or two can help if they are willing to read them. A very good one is “When Someone You Love is Wiccan”, because it’s designed for people to read when someone else is interested in Wicca. It’s a great explanation of what it all means.

Still can’t convince them? Now you have to decide between letting it go for a while, or trying to sneak it around behind their backs. I personally feel that you should take the mature road and put your Wiccan practices on hold while living with your parents. Having a few elemental items in your room, like a candle or crystal) might be ok, and you can always read a book or two when they aren’t watching. But don’t try to sneak a full-blown altar into the back of your closet, or perform rituals in your room when you think they’re sleeping.

Available Spells

There is a lot more to Wicca than just casting spells, but that is a part of the path in any case. Teenagers tend to have a unique set of life issues to deal with and many spells designed for adults aren’t going to apply.

Sure, teens are just as interested in love spells as anyone else, and possibly money spells too. But they can often need spells to help with gossip, bullying, school, parents and possibly getting a driver’s license. Your typical spell book isn’t going to cover this sort of stuff, so further spells for teens can be helpful (I’m working on some right now). You can also check out our selection of good books for Wiccan teens.

Staying Focused

Teenagers aren’t always the most focused of people, and though you can dabble in spellwork all you want, it’s going to take some time and dedication to really understand Wicca as a religious path. If you expect other people to take you seriously, then you need to take it seriously yourself.

And I have another page with a collection of books for Wiccan teens that can help you out further if you want more teen-oriented material.

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