Love Spell Books

Love spell books are great for people who do a lot of love spells and really prefer to have a good collection of magick right at their fingertips. I mean, our love spell collection here is pretty impressive but books are sometimes the better choice.

Anyway, here are a list of my favorite love spell books you might want to add to your witchy library if you get the chance (or go shopping at our handy book store). For each love spell book listed, just click on the image to check it out at

The first few are print books, but I’ve added in a few ebooks for you digitally-minded witches.

love spell books

Silver’s Spells of Love By Silver Ravenwolf

You probably recognize the name Silver Ravenwolf, and this is one of her many books that focus on love spells and romance magick. 

It’s a fun and light-hearted book that will definitely have the right kind of love spell you need to get your relationship started (or maybe just back on track)

love spells

Love Magic by Laurie Cabot

From the famous witch of Salem herself, a whole book of her classic love spells along with a real trove of theory about the nature of love magick and how to best get success with your rituals.

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Witches’ Love Spell Book by Cerridwen Greenleaf

This is the perfect love spell book if you need something small and easy to carry with you. 

It’s actually a tiny little gift book, but it does contain more than 50 spells so it’s still a great choice for your magick library. 

Simple Wiccan Magick Love Spells by Holly Zurich

Here is the first ebook in the list, and a nice option if you  are on a tighter budget. 

It’s nearly 70 pages long and includes a great mix of easy and more traditional love spells, along with plenty of information on how to cast them. 

Magick of Love by Shawna Sparlin

Another ebook, this title covers all aspects of love magick, from finding a new partner, to fixing a relationship you already have.

Whatever your love needs, you’ll probably find a spell here to suit. 

There are enough love spell books here to get you started on your magickal road to romance.

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