Magic Spells for Money

I haven’t added any new magic spells for money in a while, so I thought I would be a little financial today. I know that not everyone is comfortable about doing witchcraft or magick for monetary gain but as long as there is a decent need (and not just greed), you have nothing to worry about.

Magic spells for money can help with financial troubles
Prosperity Prayer

This is a kind of incantation spell, where you just recite the words (while focusing all your energy on your goal). Repeat the following 5 times:

By the moon and sun above,

I ask the Universe for new abundance.

By the soil and earth below,

I ask the Universe for new abundance.

All the powers there that be,

Bring more money down to me.

Abundance, wealth, prosperity,

It’s all money I need to see.

Don’t let the term “prayer” in the name throw you. This is a perfectly strong magic spell for money, regardless of the title.

Money Attracting Oil

Use this money oil to anoint an item that you can carry with you. A coin works well, but really anything can be used.

  • 4 tbs carrier oil (like apricot, almond, or even coconut)
  • 5 drops pine oil
  • 5 drops clove oil
  • 5 drops cinnamon oil
  • Small chip of malachite

In a green container, gently stir the ingredients together. Pour into a glass bottle with a stopper, and then rub a drop or 2 onto some small item you can carry with you. Once a week, re-oil your charm with this oil to keep the spell going. When not in use, your prosperity oil should be kept in a safe, dark place.

These magic spells for money are pretty simple, and if you are looking for something more sophisticated, you can keep reading to our other pages on good fortune spells or other free spells for money.

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