Moon Phases

Knowing when to perform a spell can be almost as important as the spell itself. At least it should be something that you keep in mind when you are planning out your future magickal rituals.

moon phases in witchcraft
Do you know how to use the moon phases in your witchcraft or spellwork?

Months, days and seasons all have their own cycles and energy that can be very helpful if you know what they all mean. Seasons can be awkward to work with since you probably don’t want to wait for months to do a spell if you’re not in the right season immediately. Planetary hours are another option but they are complicated and can create really narrow windows of time to work with.

Personally, I find the phases of the moon to work very nicely for most timing and they are easy to keep track of. Each of these phases lasts for a few days so you do have a little wiggle room to pick your right time.

New Moon

This is where we mark the start of the lunar cycle, and the moon is lined up with the positions of both the sun and the earth. The sky is dark and we can’t see the moon at all. Beginnings are the most powerful influence during this time.

Spells: New starts of any kind, beauty, health, personal improvement or new career opportunities.

Waxing Moon

This comes next, and is seen as the moon getting bigger each night as it cycles towards the full moon. Growth and development are best explored during a waxing moon.

Spells: Personal strength, motivation, inspiration, friendships, healing or general good luck.

Full Moon

This is the easiest one to identify, as it sits clearly in the sky as a full round disc. Like the new moon, it only lasts for a short time (compared to the longer waxing and waning periods). Consider 2 days before and after the actual full moon to fit into this phase. If you want to check on the next full moon date, we have a calendar for that.

Spells: Anything artistic or creative, love, fertility, romance, psychic talents, divination or making difficult choices.

Waning Moon

This is the partner to the waxing moon, when the moon starts to shrink each night heading towards the dark of the new moon again. Now is the time for removals in your life.

Spells: Banishing bad habits, breaking addictions, or ending relationships

Typically, there is one full moon every month, but since the lunar cycle is a bit shorter than our calendar months, there is sometimes two. The second full moon in any given month is called a blue moon.

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