New Beginnings Spells

I was thinking that we could mark off the new year with some spells on creating new beginnings. Sure you can cast these any time, but the start of a new year seems to be the most appropriate. I already have a page of Pagan-themed New Year’s Resolution, so spells are the next step.

A new beginnings spell is about creating new opportunities and getting chances to ditch old parts of your life you need to get rid of.

A Clean Break

This is the spell you need to make a clean break from something in your life you need to be rid of. This is more for making a break from a part of your life not a specific person. You would do better with a banishing spell for that.

  • Sprigs of rosemary
  • A dry stick, as thick at your little finger at least
  • Black string
  • White string
  • A large pot and spoon
  • Black candle
  • White Candle

Traditionally this spell would use a gong or a large, deep bell. Since most people don’t have one, we can improvise with a big pot. If you do have a large bell, feel free to use that instead.

Use the black string to tie a sprig of rosemary at one end of the stick, and then use white to do the same at the other end. Set this down between the two candles. Light the black candle, and say out loud what you are looking to break away from. Light the white candle, and say what you’re hoping to bring into your life instead.

Open doors are a sign of new beginnings

Hold the stick above the flames, with the black end over the black candle and the white end over the white one. Keep it high enough to not catch on fire. Hold the ends in each hand and give it a sharp snap to break in half. Don’t worry if it doesn’t break evenly. It’s not important.

Hold your hands over the flames and repeat the 2 things again. Take the pot and spoon, again between the candles, and give it 4 hard whacks to clear the energy. Your break is now made. Leave the candles to burn out. Burn the sticks if you can, or else bury them outside.

Open a Cosmic Door

This one uses the powerful symbolism of an opening door to bring in some new beginnings in your life.

  • A handful of small stones
  • A small glass
  • A door

Pour the stones into the glass and set it inside a closed door. Repeat the words out loud

Open a door, for what’s in store

Knock out the past, gone at last

Open the door in a quick motion, knocking over the glass and (hopefully) spilling out the stones. You may want to give this a dry run before the actual spell to get the placement of the glass right.

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