Pay Back Spells

Good revenge spells can be handy when it’s time to right a few wrongs in your life, so I’m expanding my collection of these with a few pay back spells. These spells are specifically to be used in situations where another person has already wronged you, not simply because they are in your way about something.

pay back spells and revenge spells
Mirrors are classic tools for pay back spells
Mojo Message

You don’t actually need to mail this to anyone, it’s a symbolic message to draw your revenge intentions back to your target.

  • Black paper
  • Black envelope
  • White paint or paint marker
  • Whole bay leaf
  • Black pepper

On one side of the paper, write what this person did to you in white. Doesn’t have to be too detailed, just a reference to what has happened. On the other side, write “return to sender” in big letters across the page. Fold the paper into quarters, then cut it in half with scissors.

Place both folded pieces of paper into the envelope, add the bay leaf and a generous sprinkling of black pepper. Seal up the envelope. Fold it in half and hold it in both hands. Repeat the words, “Your attack, I send it back“.

Focus your energy on the person, and then repeat the words again. Bury the envelope, still folded, outside to complete the spell.

Bounce Back Sigil

The most potent way to work a pay back spell is to literally return someone’s negative actions or energy back at them. So use a mirror to have your revenge.

  • A small mirror
  • Black paint or marker
  • Piece of black cloth

You need to design your own revenge sigil (magickal sign) for this spell, so I can’t just give you one. The idea is that you write a short phrase or even a single word, the combine the letters to create a single design. Typically, you leave out the vowels, so focus on the consonants.

So to return energy back to someone, you could use “RETURN” and design a shape with RTRN in it. Maybe like this:

Example of a sigil you can use for a Pay Back Spell

Ok, I guess I am giving you one. This would work if you really can’t do your own, but the spell will be a lot more powerful if you create a more specific and personalized sigil.

Cast your spell at midnight, drawing the sigil in the middle of the mirror in bold strokes. Set the mirror up in a window, facing outward. Leave it there for 3 days, then take it down at midnight again. Wrap it up with cloth and leave it on your altar until you feel your pay back is complete.

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