Purification Spells

These purification spells are very similar to the cleansing spells that I already have, so you can check out that page too if you want some additional ritual ideas.

Personal Purification Bath

This is a purification spell to help you get rid of any negative energy that might be lurking about your body. When spending time with unpleasant people, this could come in handy afterwards to get rid of their influence on you. You need the following herbal supplies:

free herbal purification spell and witchcraft
A purification spell in the bath is a bit of relaxing magic!
  • Anise seed
  • Fennel
  • Rosemary
  • White sage
  • Hyssop
  • Cedar oil
  • A square of cheesecloth

You’ll want about a tablespoon of each one of the herbs, but the exact measurements aren’t important. In a small bowl, mix all the herbs together and then drip a few drops of cedar oil onto the mixture. Give it another stir, and bundle it up in the cheesecloth. Next time you need a purification bath, add this herbal charm to the water as your bath is filling up.

Don’t add any other bath products and allow yourself about an hour to soak in the herb-soaked water. It will clear away any negative energy around you. Dispose of the bag after your bath (don’t use the same herbs for another bath, in other words).

Besom Sweep Spell

This spell is best used to purify a room, but you could do a whole house with it if you really wanted to. You need:

  • A broom
  • Long sprigs of dried lavender
  • White ribbon
  • Light purple ribbon

A nice old-fashioned twig broom is great for this, but feel free to cast this purification spell using a standard modern broom if that’s all you have. Tuck the sprigs of lavender between the broom bristles, and then weave the pieces of ribbon through as well. As you work, repeat this over and over: “Brush and broom, cleanse this room”.

When your broom is prepared, take it to the doorway and make very vigorous sweeping motions out the door. Repeat the words very loudly while you do it. Visualize all the bad energy whisking right out the door.

For something a little stronger, you can visit either the banishing spells page, or the page with hex breaking spells. Purification spells like the ones here should be fine for most typical situations though.

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