Real Witchcraft Spells

It’s not that hard to find real witchcraft spells, once you get past the idea that all “real” spells have to be ancient or mysterious in order to work. Any good spell uses the principles of magick and energy, and as long as it works, that makes it a real witchcraft spell.

A real witchcraft spell for money and prosperity
Blazing Wealth Spell

This is a great cauldron spell that uses a powerful blaze of flame to build up prosperity energy.

  • A cinnamon stick
  • A dollar bill
  • Several strands of your own hair
  • Green yarn or string
  • Dry pine needles
  • Basil oil
  • A cauldron or other fire-proof dish
  • Matches

The money will be set alight in this spell, so you have to make sure you can spare it and that it’s made of paper. If your particular currency is plastic-based (like Canadian), you’ll need to find a bill that is paper. You can’t substitute. It has to be true currency but any nation’s money will do.

Perform this spell on a Thursday if you can. It may make a bit of smoke, so you should have windows open or even perform this spell outside.

Wrap the dollar around the cinnamon stick, and tie it tightly with the yarn and the strands of your hair. If your hair is really short, just make sure that the hair is fastened into the knot.

In the bottom of the cauldron, pile the pine needles and add a few drops of basil oil. You can substitute a pinch of dry basil if you can’t find the oil.

Repeat the words of the spell as you hold the dollar and cinnamon charm in your hand:

Blazing fire, rising higher
Fire burn, money earn
Flame and smoke, spell’s a’woke
Wealth for me, so mote it be

Light the end of the dollar and when it starts to burn, set it down in the dish among the pine needles.

Repeat the words again as you hold your hands above the cauldron. Visualize how you would like prosperity to come to you: a lottery windfall, job promotion, more customers for your business or whatever situation works for you. Picture it as you let the spell continue to burn.

Once everything burns out and has cooled right off, gather up the remains of the spell and bury it outside.

Mark the Crossroads

This is another real witchcraft spell that helps bring you some new opportunities in your life, a chance to make a change. This ritual brings a crossroads into your life where you can make a choice to change your direction.

  • 4 large smooth stones
  • 4 bay leaves
  • Sandalwood incense

You’ll need a large open space on the floor to perform this spell, and it will have to sit for at least a day undisturbed.

Clear off some space, and start a stick of sandalwood incense burning nearby. Sit on the floor in the middle of this space, with the rocks and bay leaves in front of you.

Lean forward and place a bay leaf down as far as you can reach, then place a stone on top. Say “As I face forward, bring the crossroads“.

Then lean to the left, place a leaf and a stone, and say “As I lean left, bring the crossroads.

Then lean to the right, place a leaf and stone, saying “As I lean right, bring the crossroads.

Turn back (without getting up) and place the last leaf and stone, saying “As I turn back, bring the crossroads.

Face forward again, and say “As I sit in the center, the choices surround me. Bring the crossroads.

Stand up, close your eyes, and turn around once. Turn again, stopping to face each of the points you’ve marked with a stone. Once back forward, the spell is done. You can step out of your circle, but you must leave the stones in place for 24 hours. After that, you can pick them up and set them someplace quiet until your new choices come to light.