Ring Spells

Ring spells can harness the power of the unending circle you find in a ring, and rings are common enough items that you should be able to locate one for your rituals. You don’t even need the legendary One Ring to make magick (sorry, couldn’t resist). Anyway, I thought I would collect some of the ring spells I already had on the site, as well as put together some new ones.

ring spells
Ring spells can be potent magick

Marriage Moon

From the Marriage Spells page, this is a powerful love spell that uses a silver ring to help boost your chances of getting a proposal.

Silver Ring Love Charm

This easy love charm comes from the page of free love spells online, and can be used to create a magickal charm that can bring you some new love.

Ring of Binding

Ok, now for a new ring spell that’s not about love. This is a protection spell you can use to prevent people from having negative influence against you. You’ll need to have:

  • A black ring (or one with a black stone)
  • black ribbon or yarn
  • 6 black peppercorns

Use a ring that will fit one of your fingers because you’ll have to wear it for a few days after the spell is finished for it to work.

Cut two lengths of ribbon or yarn, and tie them to the ring. Hold the ring in front of you, with each piece of ribbon in one hand. Repeat the following words while focusing on the ring.

Never ending, never bending

Round the circle, round the ring

Put the ring on a finger (any one), and repeat the words again. Now set it on your altar, and place the peppercorns inside the ring. Now repeat:

Never ending, never bending,

Circle round, [person’s name] bound.

Leave the ring sitting with the pepper overnight, then you can cut away the ribbon and wear the ring for the next 3 days. After that repeat the words one last time and leave the ring somewhere safe to help protect you from that person’s energy and influence.

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