Samhain Divination

Samhain divination is very powerful because you can take advantage of the natural thinning of the boundaries between this world and the spirit world. Now is the time to speak with the spirits and take a peak at your future, or maybe even your past.

Take your pick from any traditional divination styles this Samhain:

samhain divination for halloween
Samhain divination for Halloween night


This is the most common way to harness the power of Samhain divination, though you do need to have a Tarot deck. On Samhain night, shuffle the cards and ask the spirits for guidance in the upcoming year (many Pagans feel that Samhain is the divide between one year and the next).

If you are already familiar with Tarot, then you don’t really need my help here. But if you’re not, concentrate on asking the spirits for some assistance, while you shuffle. Lay out 3 cards, face up. The first card (to your left) will represent the past, the center one will be the present, and the one on the right is the future. Together they’ll represent an issue that will be important in the upcoming year, and hopefully some clues on what is coming.


The great thing about a pendulum is that you can make one at home if you need to. Use a pendant or other object hanging freely at the end of a chain or cord, and you’re ready to go. Find a quiet spot on Samhain night, and let the pendulum hang in your hand. Ask the spirits to guide it, and ask questions with simple yes/no answers. If you watch carefully, the movement of the pendulum can give you an answer. Typically, it will either swing clockwise or counter-clockwise.

The trick is to know which direction reveals which answer. Ask a few questions that you know about, and you’ll see how the pendulum is responding. Then move on to more insightful enquiries about the upcoming year.


Another fun Samhain divination activity is a little tasseography, also known as tea-leaf reading. Brew yourself a cup of tea, using loose whole tea leaves (no bags). Don’t strain it, and let the leaves settle to the bottom while you drink. When you have just a few dregs left at the bottom, give is a swirl, and see what patterns the leaves make on the bottom of your cup.

Ouiji Board

I can’t really talk about Samhain divination without mentioning a Ouiji board, even though most people don’t actually own one. They’re pretty hokey and more of a Halloween stereotype than anything else. Still, if you have one, you can always give it a try on Samhain night. Just don’t expect long details messages from beyond. And regardless of what you may see in the movies, you can’t summon demons or bring negative spirits into your home with one of these. Honest.

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