Satanic Spells

satanic spells and witchcraft
Satanic spells are not for the weak-hearted

Satanic spells sound nice and ominous, don’t they? And though the idea may seem like some fiction taken from a horror movie, this really is a form of witchcraft just like any other. Reading about Luciferian witchcraft can help explain what this sort of path is all about. These tend to be a lot like the usual black magic spells except that they are going to invoke more spiritual connection with Satan or Lucifer.

Wave of Darkness

This is more of an energy spell to connect you with the power of Satanic magick. It can give you a boost when something important or difficult is coming up in your life. It won’t let you breath fire or fly, so stop thinking this is Satanic movie stuff.

  • 5 black candles
  • A large white cloth
  • Black paint
  • Dish of heavy rock salt

Use a paintbrush to draw a a large pentagram on the cloth, and set up the candles at each of the points. Place the dish in the center. Use a pin to prick your finger sharply, and squeeze at least one drop of blood onto the salt. Light the candles and sit outside the circle.

Call the various names of Satan:

  • Belzebub
  • Lucifer
  • Astaroth
  • Belial
  • Ammamon

Ask for strength, wisdom, power and success from these entities. I can’t provide you with specific words because it must be your personal request. Call on their energy to wash over you like a wave. Thank them for their help, then blow the candles out.

Satanic Wish Spell

This is another Satanic spell that is good in a variety of circumstances. And yes, you do need access to a graveyard to make it work. You also need:

  • A square piece of black fabric
  • A pinch each of comfrey, rue, tobacco and bloodroot
  • A pinch or two of freshly burnt wood ash
  • One small bone
  • Slip of paper
  • A length of string or twine

Gather everything together and put the herbs, ash and bone in the center of the cloth. Write your wish on the paper, fold it up, and add it too. Fold up the corners, and then tie the entire packet up with the twine. Use a firm sturdy knot.

Hold the charm bundle in your hands, and say “Be powered by the fires of Satan”. Repeat four times. Then you need to go out after the sun has set, and bury it at the entrance to a cemetery. You don’t need a big conspicuous hold, just get it underground. Your wish should be granted within 6 days.

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