Shadow Spells

Shadow spells aren’t really black magick or anything evil, they’re just another way of using the energy of the Universe.

Shadow spells for darker witchcraft
Embrace the Shadows

Get in touch with your darker side with this night ritual, performed on the night of a new moon. You’ll need the following:

  • A dark bowl
  • Black ink
  • A sharp pin
  • Black pepper
  • 1 black candle

On the night of a new moon the sky is dark, and the perfect time to tap into your darker energies. Light the candle, but place it as far away from you as you can, but you should still be able to see what you’re doing at your altar. The point is to work in shadow.

Fill the bowl with water, then add 9 drops of black ink. Wait for a few moments for the darkness to spread through the water. Sprinkle pepper on the surface of the water. Just a pinch is enough.

Now repeat the words of the spell:

Shadows of darkness, spirits within

Harness the energy, let it begin

Draw down the moon

Bring me the shadows

I am ready to see

My other side

At this point, prick your finger with the pin and let a drop of blood fall into the water. Repeat the words a second time. Take the bowl outside and dump it all out into the Earth. You’ll soon start to feel new connection to your darker shadow spirit.

The Shadow Speaks
shadow spells
For the Shadow Speaks spell

This is a bit of a summoning spell, to address the very nature of the shadow. You will need these spell supplies:

  • A large mirror
  • A piece of black cloth large enough to cover the mirror
  • Patchouli incense
  • Black marker or paint

Use the marker or paint to draw the Theban symbols shown here in the 4 corners of the mirror. Lean your forehead to touch the center of the mirror for a few seconds, feeling the cold of the glass. Light the incense and drape fabric over the mirror. Touch each of the 4 corners and then immediately rip away the cloth. In that instant, you’ll get a strong impression or even see a message in the mirror from the shadow. It’s a message you need right now but it may not be clear.

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