Spell Crystals

When you are trying to put together ingredients for a spell, crystals will make some powerful supplies if you know what type of energy they hold. Each type has its own correspondence, and they also are connected to each element as well. Get to know what your crystals and stones can do, and you can add them to any spell you wish.

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AmberProtection, general magickal workings, sun energy (fire)
AmethystDreams, astral work, psychic ability, imagination, meditation (air)
AquamarineDivination, relaxation, creative imagination, removes blocked mental energy (water)
AventurineProsperity, abundance, fertility, optimism, healing financial success (earth)
BerylScrying, divination, crystal gazing, wisdom (air)
BloodstoneConfidence, strength, control, luck, courage (fire)
Blue Lace AgateFeminine energy, peace, soothes headaches, relaxation, meditation (water)
CarnelianIntuitive abilities, astral travel, sexual energy, preventing miscarriage (fire)
ChrysocollaBalances emotions, relieves depression, emotional healing (water)
CitrineHealing, increased physical energy, hope, new beginnings (fire)
EmeraldLove, protects against violence, communication (earth)
FluoriteInspiration, mental abilities, meditation, astral travel(air)
GarnetPassion, sexuality, courage, fertility, abundance (fire)
HematiteAbsorbing and grounding negative energy, healing, balances (earth)
JadeLong life, prosperity, dragons, good fortune, overall good health (water)
JetProtection, divination, Goddess energy, banishing (earth)
LabradoriteImagination, releasing inhibitions, confidence, spiritual communication(air)
Lapis LazuliPsychic protection, love, calm thoughts, female energy (water)
MalachiteGood fortune, financial success, business, protection from accidents (water)
MoonstoneLunar energy, psychic abilities, clearing of thoughts (water)
Moss AgatePlant magick, new friends, reveals deceit in others(earth)
ObsidianInner strength, protection, banishings (earth)
OnyxProtection, hope, endurance, acquiring new knowledge (earth)
PeridotAstral work, protection from nightmares, emotional healing, creativity (earth)
QuartzFocusing energy for any purpose, any magickal intention(air)
Red JasperPassion, blood magick, protection from nightmares (fire)
Rose QuartzLove, friendship, joy, healing, peace (water)
SodaliteCourage, intellect, creativity, protection on journeys (water)
Tiger EyeProtection, mediation, starting new business (earth)
TurquoiseProtection from psychic attacks, forgiveness, divination, scrying (water)

This should give you a good foundation on understanding the magick of crystals in spells. I also have a similar table on spell herbs that would also be helpful as you create your own spellwork.

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