Spell Herbs

Knowing about spell herbs is a good first step in understanding how to make spells. Each herb has its own association with a magickal purpose, and also to a certain element. Once you know what each herb can do, you can mix and match your own blends to tailor to your witchcraft spell needs.

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AgrimonyProtection, banishes negative energy, sleep(air)
AllspiceProsperity, courage, energy, strength (fire)
AlmondMoney, wisdom (air)
AngelicaProtection, exorcism, health, meditation, divination (fire)
AsafoetidaExorcism, banishing (fire)
BasilMend quarrels, sympathy, happiness (fire)
BelladonnaAstral travel, flying ointments (water)
Benzoin resinProsperity, astral projection, purification (air)
BetonyProtects against nightmares and despair (fire)
Blessed ThistleProtection, cleansing, remove hexes (fire)
BoragePsychic abilities, financial gain
BroomUsed to bless weddings, weather magick, besoms (air)
BurdockCleansing, protection (water)
CarnationFeminine energy, healing, strength (water)
CedarHome purification, good fortune, luck (fire)
ChamomileLove, meditation, peace (water)
CinnamonEnergy, creativity, passion (fire)
ClovesBanishing, love (fire)
Copal resinPurification, cleansing (fire)
DamianaLove, lust (fire)
DillMoney, luck, protection (fire)
FennelProtection, healing (fire)
Frankincense resinExorcism, purification, spirituality (fire)
GalangalPsychic abilities, luck, money (fire)
GardeniaLove, peace, healing (water)
GingerSuccess, courage, strength (fire)
HazelDivination, psychic abilities, dreams (air)
HeatherPeace, beginnings, weather magick (water)
HemlockPurification, cooling emotions (water)
HollyProtection, luck (fire)
HoneysuckleHealing, love, creativity (earth)
HorehoundProtection, exorcism, mental clarity (air)
HyssopPurification, repel negativity (fire)
JasmineDreams, sexuality (water)
JuniperCleansing, purifying, love charms (fire)
LavenderLove, sleep, dreams, meditation, protection (air)
LemonFriendship, love (water)
LemongrassPsychic abilities (air)
LilacProtection, divination (water)
MarigoldLegal matters, dreams, divination (fire)
MandrakeProtection, love, health (fire)
MeadowsweetLove, peace (air)
MintHealing, prosperity, creativity (air)
MistletoeProtection, fertility, exorcism (fire)
MugwortPsychic abilities, divination, protection (earth)
Myrrh resinPurification, healing, spirituality (water)
NettleProtection, passion (fire)
OrangeHappiness, joy, purity (fire)
Orris RootLove (water)
PatchouliMoney, lust, fertility (earth)
PineProsperity,fertility, healing (air)
RoseLove, healing, friendship (water)
RosemaryCleansing, purification, exorcism (fire)
RueBanishing, protection (fire)
SandalwoodSpirituality, exorcism, healing (water)
Star AniseProtection, psychic awareness, repels evil spirits (air)
ThymeSleep, protection, courage (water)
Tonka BeansGood luck (water)
ValerianLove, sleep, protection (water)
VanillaLust, love, courage (water)
VervainLove, prosperity, sleep, healing, creativity (earth)
White SagePurification, repels negativity, wisdom (air)
WormwoodScrying, divination, exorcism (fire)
YarrowLove, psychic abilitites, banishing (water)

These are all the basic spell herbs you are likely going to have a need for, so now you can start putting together your own spells with a bit more confidence. Add in some crystals and you will have your own spells in no time.

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