Spells to Lose Weight

Spells to lose weight are usually in demand right about now as we move into the short and bathing suit season. But whatever your reason, here are some new spells to help you make some changes to your physical looks.

As I mentioned in the earlier page of weight loss spells, don’t rely on a magic ritual to create a miracle. If you’re eating at Taco Bell 6 times a week, your pounds aren’t going to just melt away from a spell. Combine the spellwork with healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle to see the best results.

Motivational Magick
witchcraft spells for weight loss
Cinnamon and magick can mean spells for weight loss

You can ask the Greek Goddess Aphrodite for help in this spell as She rules over self-acceptance and physical beauty. I think She’s the perfect Deity to help you with your spell to lose weight.

  • 4 cinnamon sticks
  • A length of blue ribbon
  • Piece of dried apple
  • Vanilla oil (or pure extract)

Lay out your supplies and hold your hands over everything. Ask Aphrodite for Her help with these words:

I ask you Aphrodite to bless this ritual

To bring me beauty, strength and love of myself

Help me shed my extra pounds

To be slim as well as healthy and true.

Bundle everything together and wrap ribbon around the charm, leaving enough to let it hang from. Dab a little vanilla oil on it and you’re done.

Now put it somewhere that you’re likely to see it in the kitchen but not out in the open. In a cabinet or in the fridge, hanging by the ribbon (don’t just set it on the shelf). Remember your dedication to lose weight every time you see the charm. Every night before you go to bed, say a little prayer to Aphrodite for resolve the next day.

The Loss Within

This is a water-based spell to help bring some magickal energy inside of your to help your quest to lose weight. Cast this spell on the night of a full moon.

  • A piece of clear quartz
  • A piece of moonstone
  • A piece of lapis lazuli (for peace)
  • A piece of onyx or obsidian (for banishing)
  • A drinking glass

Fill the glass with pure water (rain water if you can get it), and drop the stones into the bottom of the glass. Use the index finger of your left hand to stir the water 3 times. And say “begone” with each stir. Picture the pounds coming off as you start to lose weight.

Leave the glass outside where it can soak up some of the light from the full moon, and then the next day drink some of the water (leave the crystals in the glass, just don’t choke on them!). Drink all of the water, then leave the glass and stones on an altar until you start to see yourself getting thinner.

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