Wand Spells

Wand spells are just witchcraft rituals that use a wand (not like Harry Potter!). I haven’t done too many spells that require any altar tools simply to make them more accessible to people who are doing witchcraft without a whole set of equipment or tools. Anyway, today here are a few wand spells and I think that future spells that utilize classic Wiccan tools are going to be showing up.

Since wands represent the element of air, we’ll stick to that theme for these spells.

Your wand: Firstly, you need to have a proper wand to do these spells. If you already have one in your altar arsenal, you can ignore this bit. A short branch from a tree will do. Peel off the bark, sand it down, and you can make a fine wand without spending much money. With a little creativity, you can even use a wooden dowel from the hardware store.

Creative Casting

This is a wand spells that you can use to summon up some imagination or creative ideas when you’re in a rut. You will need:

  • Your wand
  • 3 pieces of amethyst
  • A cup of pure water
  • A blue candle
  • A white candle

Face to the east when casting this wand spell (as close as you can figure). Set up the candles, and light them both. Place them with the blue on your left, and the white one on your right. The cup of water should be in the center.

Repeat the following words as you drop the amethyst pieces into the water:

Air blowing, water flowing

Creativity come to me

Dip the tip of your wand into the water, then draw a large circle in the air with it above your head. Repeat the words several more times as you circle your wand. The touch the tip to the center of your forehead, say the words one last time, and your spell is complete.

Wand for Wisdom

Please excuse my alliteration with the titles. It’s my personal witchy weakness. Anyway, another type of wand spell can help you think clearly and bring some additional wisdom to your decision making. A great spell if you have a big choice to make.

  • Your wand
  • Dried lemongrass and mint
  • Charcoal tablets
  • Heat-proof dish

If you aren’t familiar with charcoal tablets, you can just use a stick of mint incense (lemongrass too, if you can find it).

Set up your altar, and light the charcoal. Place a pinch of lemongrass and one of mint on the charcoal and it should soon start to smoke. You should perform this spell somewhere in your house near a window, just in case.

Close your eyes, and gently wave your wand through the smoke, and then again in the air around your head. As you do so, repeat:

Bring to me, the wisdom to see.

Let the smoke from the herbs drift around you, though you don’t necessarily want to breathe it in. Repeat the words again, and continue to wave the wand around your head. Point it once to the east, say the words a final time and then put out your burning herbs. This should open up your mind to clearer ideas.

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