What Happens After You Die

Q. What happens after you die?

A. Even though some religions claim to know the answer to this, I think I can safely say that no one really knows what happens after you die. As with so many things in this faith, not all Wiccans or witches share precisely the same concept of an afterlife. That said, here is a general idea of what most believe in.

Part of the Spells FAQ

After we die, our soul goes to a resting place called the Summerland. This is not a ‘heaven’, since it is only a place where our souls reside until being reborn. We strongly believe in reincarnation. Each life brings us different experiences and situations. New lessons are learned every time. If we do not face the challenges and overcome them, we will likely find ourselves reliving the same problems over and over.

Of course, we are not aware of these past-lives at any given time, except during our time in the Summerlands.

There, we can look back on what we’ve learned as well as visit with any loved ones who are also there.

Since we view life and death as an ongoing process or cycle, we don’t see the afterlife as being a reward (or punishment) in the heaven/hell sense. It’s all a growth process.

Just because we don’t have a ‘hell’ to worry about, doesn’t mean we feel that we can get away with bad behaviour. Each lifetime is balanced by universal forces (sometimes referred to as Karma). We don’t consider negative experiences in our lives as punishments, simply that some lessons are best learned through experience.

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