When to Cast a Love Spell

Knowing when to cast a love spell can be just as important as knowing which spell to cast in the first place. Ok, it’s not crucial by why not do everything you can to make your spell have the desired results? So before you start gathering up your herbs and candles, here are some things to consider.

A few tips on when to cast a love spell

The Right Situation

This is really what I’m talking about when I say “when”, knowing the right scenario that will work with a little spellwork.

As I’ve said before, not all love spells are the same and you can really cross the line about free will when you try to force someone to love you. But ultimately, that is your decision to make.

In my opinion, the best time to cast a love spell is when you are looking to meet someone appropriate but haven’t yet. In other words, it’s to find someone new rather than to create love in someone you already know. This allows the universe to make a few adjustments in your favor without forcing anything or trying to create emotions that aren’t there.

Specific Timing

This is the other aspect of knowing when to cast a spell. Now I mean picking the right day or time to do the actual spell itself. There is no set rule that love spells have to be cast at exactly the right time or they won’t work. But choosing the time with the right energy will give your spell more power.

The most obvious choice is to cast a love spell on a Friday. That is the day dedicated to the Goddess Freya and it is influenced by the planet Venus. That makes it the strongest day for any love magick, so plan your spells for the end of the week.

You can add the phase of the moon to that is possible too, for some added love energy. Love is most active during a full moon, though new relationships can get a boost from the energy of the new moon. It depends on how you’re approaching your love spell.

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