Wiccan Protection Spells

Wiccan protection spells can be used in a variety of situations when you feel that you need to add a little more magickal safety to your life.

Psychic Protection Bag

This little charm bag is a potent Wiccan protection spell that you should keep on you at all times to protect against psychic attacks or other such phenomenon.

  • 4 black candles
  • A small fabric bag in either purple or black
  • About a tablespoons worth of:
    • Agrimony
    • Anise
    • Horehound
    • Sandalwood
    • Rue
  • One piece each of:
    • Onyx
    • Jet
    • Hematite

Before you use it, you need to assemble and charge up this protection charm. Set the four candles up in holders in the shape of a square. In the middle, pile all the parts of your charm bag. Light the candles and concentrate on their light. Visualize it flowing into the center and filling up the herbs and stones you have there. Repeat the following:

By the light of four,
Harm me no more.

Repeat several times while you charge up the materials. When your satisfied, gather everything together and fill the bag with stones and herbs. Tie it tightly shut and place back in the center of the candles. Do the same visualization and repeat the same words again. When you feel that the bag is ready to go, snuff out the candles and start to carry the charm with you.

Remember that this Wiccan protection spell is intended to block psychic or astral energy, but it will do as a more general protection amulet in a pinch.

Unbreakable Shell Spell

This spell will create a protective “shield” around an object, protecting it from intrusion or theft. You’d use this with small items, like altar tools, jewelry or books. I wouldn’t suggest it for your car.

  • The item you want to protect
  • 5 pieces of obsidian or jet
  • Several feet of black yarn or string
  • Ground rosemary

This spell makes use of the power of the pentacle, a typical Wiccan symbol. Set your item on a table or altar, and place the 5 pieces of stone in a pentagram shape around the object. Start to picture a shell being formed over your item.

Use the piece of string to lay out a pentacle, using the stones at the points of the star. Each line adds more energy to your growing shield. When the star is done, say out loud:

By the line unbroken,
Protect this token.

Use your finger to trace the pentacle in the air, above the one you made in stone and string. Repeat the words again.

Leave the item in its place overnight, and it should be protected from theft or harm.

This is just one of protection spells that could be useful. There are more magic protection spells around the site, as well as more specific banishing spells if that is what you need.

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