Will I Have to Choose a New Name

Q. Will I have to choose a new name?

Part of the Spells FAQ

A. While is it somewhat customary for someone who is Wiccan or Pagan to select a second name for themselves, it’s by no means necessary. Many people practice Wicca for decades and never feel the need to identify themselves any other way besides their legal names.

We choose our magickal names for a variety of reasons. Mainly, as a way to separate our spiritual selves from our everyday selves. In this modern age of the Internet, a lot of Pagans use their magickal names as their online identity in order to remain anonymous. Some people have a third name to use on the Internet, while keeping their personal magickal name more private.

If you do decide to select a second name for yourself, the only limits are your own imagination. Gods, Goddesses, animals, astrology, herbs, stones and even fictional characters are all sources of inspiration when creating your name. I have a Pagan name generator that can help inspire you. 

You could create a name that represents who you are, or who you are trying to become. It’s up to you.

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