Wish Spells

Wish spells are a lot like good luck spells, being a little vague. It’s usually better to find a spell for the actual purpose you want, like love or money. But I can think of a few scenarios when granting a wish is exactly what I want, especially if the intention is unusual and I don’t have a specific spell for it.

Anyway, wish spells are easy enough and can be great options when you can’t find the exact spell you need. I’ve chosen a couple that are based on very old wish superstitions.

Wish on the Wind Spell

This uses the same old magick that you see on birthdays, when you make a wish over your candles. Of course, you have to add a little more serious intention to really make it work.

  • One white candle
  • Silver candle holder
  • Something sharp to carve the candle
  • Silver paint or glitter

Think about your wish. Concentrate on it, and carve a single word along the side of the candle to represent your wish. Just one word. Rub your finger over the carved point, and then rub paint or glitter into it so the word stands out against the white of the candle.

Set it up in the candleholder and light it. Watch the smoke drift up from the candle, taking your wish up into the Universe to be granted. Continue to focus on your wish. Let it burn about half way down, or at least to the point where you had carved your word.

At that point, give the flame a quick blow to put out the candle and say your wish out loud. Again, picture your wish travelling on the smoke. If you have a window nearby, let some of the smoke get outside. Leave the remaining part of the candle on your altar until your wish shows itself.

wish spells and witchcraft
Wishing on a star is a classic bit of old-fashioned magick
Wish on a Star

The stars have great energy, and you can use that when making your wish spell. You’ll have to do this on a clear night, preferably away from city lights if you can manage it.

  • A piece of white paper
  • The first star you see at night

Write your wish down on a piece of paper and fold it over once. Carry it with you outside to where you are going to watch for the star. Watch the sky and when you see the very first star, focus on its light for the rest of the spell.

Hold up the folded piece of paper so it blocks out the star, and repeat the following:

When you wish upon a star,

Your desires won’t be very far.

Repeat 3 times. Lower the paper, and look at the star again. Repeat the words another 3 time while watching the light of the first star. Go back inside, and store the paper under your pillow. In a few nights, you’ll see your wish start to come true.

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