Witchcraft Books

Books are often a big part of a study in witchcraft and I have a number of excellent pages all dedicated to the many important books you should know about. So now, I have a page specifically on witchcraft books.

witchcraft books
Which witchcraft books are in your collection?

Your Book of Shadows

Here is the logical place to start, your personal Book of Shadows (BoS). If you’re not familiar with the concept, this is not a famous magickal book. It’s your own book of notes, spells and ideas that you use to record your own witchcraft path.

You can hand-write a formal bound book, have a binder of loose notes, or even just maintain a folder of documents on a computer. How you manage your BoS is up to you.

Historical Books

Who doesn’t get excited about the idea of ancient books of spells, filled with old occult knowledge and magickal history? You have probably heard of the famous Necronomicon, which I have discussed in more detail (even though it’s not what it seems). That’s just one title though. There are a number of others, including several rare witchcraft books that you may never get a chance to read.

Most of these older books deal with the occult and ceremonial magick, rather than the simpler kind of witchcraft that this site is based on. That means that the spells and rituals are usually very long, complicated and filled with obscure sigils, They also rely on angels or even demons to power the magick, which is very different from the form of witchcraft we are more familiar with here (powered by your own energy and intention).

Modern Books

Or you can stick with more contemporary and up-to-date witchcraft books, many of which I have mentioned at some point on this site. A good place to start is our list of spell book reviews, where you can find some great spell books to start your library with. Or if you are specifically looking into love magick, there is a new book list specifically on love spell books that would suit better. I’m doing more of these book lists soon, to help you make better choices as you shop for new witchcraft books.

If you are in the market for new books, our bookstore can be a very good spot to start browsing. Local bookstores and libraries can be pretty limited for witchcraft and spell material, so it can be a better option to use a larger source like Amazon to find the perfect book.

Oh, and I can’t talk about books without mentioning our own e-books. One is our complete spell collection and the other is about creating and writing your own spells. They’re great resources, so check them out.

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