Witchcraft Curses

If you are wondering why witchcraft curses are included, you should read my opinions on black magick. Not everyone has the same thoughts or opinions on the whole white/black debate and I don’t feel that I should be making these decisions for people. Then again, you may already be familiar with our black magic collection, and not be surprised at all.

free witchcraft curses

At any rate, here are a few more curses you can add to your witchcraft spell arsenal.

The Raven’s Wing

The dark raven has long been associated with magick and witchcraft, and can lend a hand in your next black spell. The feather doesn’t have to be from a raven, but it would be very powerful if you did find one.

  • A black feather
  • A tall black candle
  • Graveyard dirt
  • Shallow dish

In case you are not familiar with graveyard dirt, yes it is meant literally. You don’t need to go defiling any graves though. Any loose dirt from within the boundaries of a graveyard or cemetery would do. Dig it up at midnight for an extra bit of magick.

Use something sharp to carve the name of your target into the side of the candle. Fill the dish with dirt, and stand the candle upright in the center.

Light the candle and repeat the words of the spell:

The black power of the raven

Flies above my head

The black power of the feather

And the smoke and the dead.

Light the feather from the candle flame (warning, this will smell unpleasant) and hold on to it as long as you can without getting your fingers burnt.

Call out the person’s name, and say “I send this curse to you”. Sharply blow out the candle at this point. Leave the candle in place until the next midnight, when you snap it in half (a taper candle will make this step easier). Stick both halves in the dirt and leave it to work its magick.

Black Hex Bag

This is a little witchcraft curse charm bag that you fill up and place as close to your target as possible. Bury it outside their house if you can. If not, possibly hide it in their room, locker, desk or something similar.

  • Small black fabric bag
  • Pieces of dragon blood resin
  • Dried rue, basil, wormwood and nettle
  • A pentacle (metal or wood)

If you can’t get all 4 herbs, just use what you can. You should have at least 2 of them. For the pentacle, you can use a cheap jewelry charm or carve one out from a round piece of wood. Anything physical will do, just not a drawing on paper.

Gather everything together and fill up your hex bag. There are no words or anything, just focus on your target while you put it all together. Now find the right place to hide it, and it will start to influence their life.

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