New Web Page!

Are you confused by the new site? Well I figured it was time to give the whole spells site an overhaul with a new platform and unfortunately, that’s not as simple as it sounds. So my plan is to move some of the pages, one at a time, to this new site and eventually then entire spells collection will have a fresh new look. That does mean some jumping back and forth as you navigate (sorry about that) and possibly some confusion in the process.

The new look and feel for Free Witchcraft Spells (updated!)

Not only will this mean a nicer look, but hopefully some more up-to-date features that I couldn’t get on my old platform.

The pages themselves will mostly have the same content and eventually the menus and links will be similar to the layout you are used to. All of the URLs are changing though so you will need to update any bookmarks or links you have to our content.

I do hope you’ll stick with and continue your search for a new spell, or even just a little more witchcraft wisdom.