Casting Love Spells

Casting Love Spells

Casting love spells is pretty much like casting any other types of spells, but there are a few tips and tricks I thought I’d share that are specific to this type of witchcraft.

When to Cast a Love Spell

Like with any spells, you can cast them at any time but there are a few times that are more powerful than others. The most potent time to cast a love spell is during the full moon. This means the actual day of the full moon, or the day before and day after. That gives you 3 days each month to get some added energy for your spell.

Can’t wait for the next moon? Try doing your love spell on a Friday then. That’s the day sacred to Venus, who rules over love and passion. The day is actually named for the Norse Goddesses Freya, who plays the same role.

Why Choose a Love Spell

This can be hard to hear but sometimes it’s just not a good idea to start casting love spells if you actually want a happy outcome. Before you start laying out your supplies, really think about what you are trying to accomplish. Love spells are tricky things even if it may seem simple on the surface.

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Tips and suggestions for successfully casting love spells

Trying to get someone to love you, especially someone who barely knows you, is going to be pretty futile. Even if you have some success at first, the emotions aren’t going to last and you’ll quickly find yourself back where you started (and probably more miserable about it).

But love spells that are cast in order to help you find someone, but that are not targeted to anyone in particular can be very successful. You can also use a little love magick if you are trying to help a relationship get over a rough patch, though it can’t completely mend a problem if you two are just not that compatible.

Love Spell Supplies

Planning on doing some love spells soon and want to be ready. Of course, each spell is different but here are some basic supplies you will probably want or need:

  • Rose quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, red jasper
  • Dried rose petals, lavender, honeysuckle chamomile, yarrow
  • Oils and incense of the same herbs
  • Candles in white, pink or red

Magick Won’t Do Everything

One last point on casting love spells. You can’t just sit back and hope that magick is enough to pull someone into your life if you never leave the house. You have to do your part. Get out, be social, talk to people, join a club or group, or whatever. Magick can’t always make miracles all on its own.

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