Casting Magic Spells for Yourself

Casting magic spells can open a can of ethical questions, especially when it comes to doing magick for yourself. If you’re letting this issue bother you in your witchcraft practice, maybe you should take some time to think it over. As with most ethical questions, it’s not as simple as you might think.

The most usual answer is that you shouldn’t do spells for yourself, which is a reasonable view at first glance. But I really think you need to consider the issue more than that. The rest of this page is my own opinions on the matter and you shouldn’t consider my thoughts to be any sort of official statement.

Anyway, I don’t think there is anything wrong with doing some spells for yourself. I really don’t understand why casting spells for yourself would be a bad thing. If you have sewing or cooking skills, would you hide them away and never ever use them for yourself? Only cook tasty meals for other people, then have frozen fish sticks yourself? Seems a little silly when you put it that way.

The catch is when you start asking for too much. Unfortunately, casting spells for yourself can lead to excess and your greed can start to become the problem. Even so, having greedy intentions aren’t necessarily going to ruin your magick. But your attitude and energy does become part of the ritual and that can color your results.

So think about what your doing and why. Do you really need more money, or to swipe someone else’s spouse? Your reasons are just as important as the actual purpose. If you want to cast spells for yourself, don’t immediately assume it’s a bad idea. As long as you are not asking for too much from the Universe, you should be fine.

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