Free Witchcraft Spells

Finding actual free witchcraft spells isn’t all that easy, since people seem to always be selling their spell-casting services instead of actually offering spells for people to use for themselves. Well, you’re in luck.

free witchcraft spells

This site is all about free witchcraft spells for anyone who wants to try their hand at practicing a little magick. Since the entire site is really all about free spells, this particular page is more for of a mixed bag of topics and purposes.

So take a browse around for all sorts of spells. There are free online spells, including:

And a lot more. Other pages on this site have whole collections of love spells and money spells. Or you could also kick back and relax with a nice bath spell if that’s more your speed. Just browse through the categories on the left for more choices.

It’s easy to get confused when there are so many different kinds of spells around. Terms like witchcraft, Wicca, Pagan and even Voodoo just complicate things when you are first learning about magic. You might also wonder about that k at the end of magick.

But free witchcraft spells are much like any other kinds of spells, so don’t worry about trying to learn the difference. If that explanation doesn’t satisfy you, you can read up on what witchcraft or Wiccan spells mean.

The one thing that people ask for the most, are spells to become a witch because they are interested in pursuing this path. The thing is that there are no such thing. If you can cast a spell, then you are a witch.

For those who like to put together their own spells (yes, you can do that), I have a great page of magic chants to help you add the right words for your purpose. Sometimes it can be hard to get the words right, so feel free to take these chants and adapt them for your own spell purposes. Or if you like the idea of speaking your spells, try a few magic word spells that do not use any supplies at all, just your words.

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